• Chances

    Take chances a lot of them
    You will regret most of the chances you don’t take
    Chances shape us in who we are today
    They teach us life lessons... more »

  • Colors

    With out colors the world would be black and white
    A dull and lifeless world
    Colors define who we are
    Colors are vibrant... more »

  • Country Music

    Everyone has there genre of music that defines them
    mine is counry
    it tells storys through song i love the sound
    all i have to say is yehaw cause that explains it all... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are special
    Friends are true
    They help me when I am feeling blue
    There are true friends... more »

  • Gravity

    Gravity Gravity
    I’m going over i’m falling free
    Into your arms as you catch me we are free falling
    Maybe I should trust maybe this is fate... more »

  • I Forgive You (Stronger)

    I forgive you for what you put me through
    But you made me that much stronger
    I really liked you and I thought we were friends
    but I thought wrong... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you
    I miss you more and more each day
    I miss your laugh your sense of humor
    I miss everything about you... more »

  • I'M From

    I’m from the harmony My friends who ground me Support me And make me laugh
    I’m from the music country music a mix of old and new it makes me happy
    I’m from the Oregon Coast sand dollars ocean And The Hawk Creek Café
    I’m From the Wicked Broadway Musical singing And Defying Gravity... more »

  • Mistakes

    ... more »

  • One Day

    I am still not over you
    I have never liked a guy like you before
    Even though we never dated
    I feel like I have gotten my heart broken... more »

  • One Day At A Time

    Taking it one day at a time
    The fear the heartbreak
    I will love you one day at a time
    I believe that our love will last... more »

  • Over You

    You just wanted to be friends
    But I wanted more I lied and agreed to what you said
    Every time I look at you it kills me
    I know it is for the best... more »

  • Road To Nowhere

    On the road to nowhere
    Lost in love imagining that things could be different
    Lost in the world of my imagination
    On the road to nowhere the past is gone, the future is near... more »

  • Scars

    ... more »

  • Singing

    Sing as if know one is listening
    Singing is a way of life
    Sing when you are in strife
    Singing is beautiful... more »

  • The Choice

    The choice I made was to love you
    I hope that you will love me to
    We started out as friends but for me it developed into something more
    It cuts me to the core when you don’t talk to me... more »

  • Truth

    Its funny how people want the truth not knowing there going to get hurt
    When someone ask for the truth they don’t know what they are going to hear
    They hope for the best but expect the worst
    The truth is a blessing and a curse... more »

  • Why Wont You Stay The Same

    Days come days go
    People Change People Grow
    Feelings drift away but memories never go away they stay the same
    My love for you cant be tamed... more »

  • Winter

    ... more »