• A Good Night Kiss

    So much depends
    a good night
    kiss... more »

  • A Needed Soul

    Heart of emptiness
    tears of sadness
    stabs of pain
    where does it all end?... more »

  • A Pale Black Rose

    So much depends
    a pale black
    rose... more »

  • A Special Cousin

    Long ago you came into this world with the gift to make the day bright. You brought love and laughter to all those you touched. We watched you grow and guided you as you took your first steps. And every change I got I took you for a walk.

    As the years went by we became close and we were considered best friends. You told me everything and always came to me in your time of need. I helped you through thick n thin, you always knew you could count on me.... more »

  • A Wrong Friend

    Screaming wont help as I try to quit
    thinking of how messed up this friendship
    played out to be.... more »

  • Amidst

    He feels so unbelievable alone for his heart has
    Turned to stone. He’s been thrown into a void
    And there’s no point to return. A life he though would
    Never change caved in and made him go through immense pain.... more »

  • And You

    You know you were having a good sex dream when
    You feel the hot sticky air upon your neck,
    Tossing from your back to your side, the wetness now
    All over your inner thighs. The tickle as the hair runs across your... more »

  • Another End

    Weight like hundreds of boulders placed on a sensitive object,
    Paint splattered on a white crude surface,
    Brings pain,... more »

  • Call On Me

    When times are rough
    and you're feeling down,
    just turn to me for the
    pain to flee. When you're... more »

  • Coldness

    Shadows of misery
    black and dull no
    light can even pierce
    the thickness blanketing... more »

  • Comfortable

    Controlled thoughts
    Ongoing through out the years
    Moving back and forth
    Fighting for what we belive... more »

  • Dance

    White as a ghost, smooth
    as a baby's bottom. Let it
    slide down the tunnel. Blues,
    greens, and all sorts of colors... more »

  • Daughter

    Deep within my womb I knew you'd be my star
    Always smiling and keeping my head up high
    Utilizing my life to the extreme
    Giving me my everything... more »

  • Deathly Secret

    A secret I hold deep
    inside me, so deep
    I cannot even see
    the pain it is... more »

  • Deception Disgrace

    Driven into hatred
    Echoes of the souls divine
    Calls upon us from within
    Every way we turn... more »

  • Disease

    Pain stricken nightmare
    bare arm reaching out
    like a skeletons arm
    old, creaky, n bland.... more »

  • Forsaken More

    Siting in this cold gold-forsaken
    place picking up a pen I write
    tears dropping on the page.... more »

  • Freedoms Mate

    The path of freedom only
    a few scores away,
    she stops to breathe in
    a few arrays.... more »

  • Given Up

    You came to me and
    asked certain things. I
    replied with honesty, yet
    you still do not believe in me.... more »

  • Grave Ending

    Crawling amongst the wet slippery
    rocks she feels the whole
    world coming to its end.... more »

  • Heartless Humans

    How stupid could you be
    Enjoying something you didn't need
    Always wanting what you couldn't have
    Ruining all the goodness it used to be... more »

  • Her Ronde Vu

    I'll be there
    in twenty, yeah I remember
    where to go. Can't
    wait to see you at our... more »

  • Himself

    To long he craves for passion,
    to long he carries this burden
    for his life has unfolded to early
    known and to late to be fortold.... more »

  • His Ronde Vu

    Come and meet me you
    know where to go, I miss
    you baby, I want you to
    come at our ronde vu.... more »

  • Impatiently Waiting

    Ripples through the water, mist dampening
    their bodies up high in the cliffs they sit to est
    their weary bodies. Holding onto each other tight,
    surrounded by mother nature trees thick disguising them... more »