• It

    The morning dew arises,
    and the sun pokes through
    the trees while walking towards
    that path. A beam of light shows... more »

  • Leopard

    He bounced to and fro,
    stooping low keeping his
    stature stiff. He glarred upon
    the victuim, flashing his teeth... more »

  • Letter To Son Pt.2

    To my son who i miss
    so much. a lot has gone
    on over the years I can
    not even begin yo explain much.... more »

  • Life

    Life such a word,
    we say it and live it
    but not for long. Some
    die young while others... more »

  • Lonely End

    One slash here,
    One slash there,
    So many slashes starting to appear.... more »

  • Look For Love

    Look beyond the blue skies,
    the white clouds to see
    the love I have for you.... more »

  • Loss

    Night met day years ago
    When the moon wasn’t so blue
    Stars shinning bright two clashed
    Together not sure on what to do... more »

  • Lover's Lost Embrace

    She urns for her lover's
    touch warm and gentle yet
    cool and rough. The eagerness
    seduces her to a point of lust.... more »

  • Luxury

    Living the high life
    nothing but fortune
    and fame.
    Money coming out the... more »

  • Me

    My hearts a pounden
    I am at another loss
    my lover slipped away
    blinded from a world... more »

  • Misses

    I miss your touch,
    i miss your smile,
    hell I even miss your
    smell.... more »

  • Murderer

    Day by Day
    Night by Night
    I wonder where he
    was this frightful night.... more »

  • My Enemy

    I am my worst enemy
    surrounded by so much
    misery. I do to others
    what they've done to... more »

  • My Friendship

    Our friendship will last
    forever, beacuse of the
    feelings we share. You're
    there for me like a mother... more »

  • My Match

    I’ve met my match
    And damn can he be
    A pain in my ass.
    He may not know... more »

  • My World

    As I close my eyes
    the world dissapears to
    a world of light. So powerful
    and strong.... more »

  • New Life

    Push and pull
    kill or destroy
    all those who've
    wronged us so.... more »

  • Not Again

    All I can do is laugh
    at you when i think of
    all the pain you are going
    through.... more »

  • Object

    An object sits upon the palm
    of the hand, motionless and
    speechless concentrate real
    hard all surroundings fading... more »

  • Oma

    You've held and protected
    since birth. You've guided
    and disaplined all the years
    and more. Your words were... more »

  • Parting Yourself

    Always coming and always going
    bringing love then turning to hate
    confused beyond belief I'll always
    have mixed emmotions for you.... more »

  • People

    People see
    and people do
    stupid things
    like me and you... more »

  • Psycho Bitch

    Pulsating out of control my heart will never
    Subside to long I held my head high
    Years of mental abuse
    Caused me to do a head dive... more »

  • Real Or False

    Smooth velvety like surface
    hot and cozy as a teddy
    bears body. Chills run up
    the spine nothing... more »

  • Reality

    Her life stopped the
    Moment backs turned against
    Her, forgetting what would
    Always lie ahead nd within... more »