• A Dream About The Day When I Finally Meet Myself

    I have been out lurking
    these past few Autumn nights
    in lonesome, cobwebbed corridors
    in the shadows, out of sight... more »

  • A Lighthouse

    My sails are down,
    the wind is high,
    the waves are crashing into me –
    the coal-black ocean water... more »

  • A Smoker's Lung

    I’m a smoker’s lung,
    torn open, bloody, and corroded,
    waiting for the surgeon’s knife,
    to save me, or do me in.... more »

  • City Lights And Stars

    We have built an uneasy peace, she and I
    Cobbled together with semantics
    And no-man’s land borders
    We dare not cross... more »

  • Do You Remember Me?

    Do you remember window-unit nights,
    and dreams of curtains floating on an ocean breeze –
    some never-will-happen fantasy
    that helped us through our early days?... more »

  • Infants

    We could shed these artificial clothes,
    these rags we wrap around us,
    and swim in an amniotic astral plane.... more »

  • Minimum Wage Lament

    When the sun comes up tomorrow
    I could run away
    Change my name
    And seek fortune and fame... more »

  • Requesting Your Blessing To Fail

    Under the eyes
    of your gloating pride,
    I strive to become a man.... more »

  • Tell Me A Story, Mother

    Tell me a story, mother,
    and then put me to bed.

    My friends have gone to heaven, all,... more »

  • The Best One Yet

    Her armpits are hairy
    her best friend's a fairy
    she don't like Moe, Curly, or Larry
    she likes candle wax and lithographs... more »

  • The Bomb

    Is this what I want?
    An ugly detente?
    A cold and silent war?... more »

  • The Ladder Of Success

    I wrote this song with a helmet on
    Standing at the bottom of the ladder of success
    Ducking stray bullets, hand grenades, and napalm
    And staring up a secretary’s dress... more »

  • The Line Between Arrogance And Shame

    I have tossed love from open car windows,
    while speeding into uncertain nights.

    I have watched old lovers return to my life,... more »

  • The Margin Man

    I dash between margins
    and use high-minded jargon
    to justify behaviors
    within my own mind... more »

  • Timeclocks Have Eyes

    Spiders come forth!
    And don’t forget your silky ties;
    it’s time to garner up the flies,
    now that timeclocks have eyes.... more »