• After That Night

    After that night I called your house
    A friend of your's picked up
    He was there that night
    We started talking... more »

  • Believe

    I don't believe in love
    I don't believe in fairy tales
    I believe in heartbreak
    I believe in sad endings... more »

  • Broke Me

    You made me promises
    You sealed them with kisses
    You gave me rings
    You said you did it with love... more »

  • Cuts

    One cut, one moment of pain
    I decided thats all it would take
    So I locked myself in my room
    Wrote a note to all my family and friends... more »

  • For You

    For you I cry
    For you I bleed
    For you I'd do anything
    For you I'd die... more »

  • Friends

    My friends are dying
    They're being hurt
    They're treated like dirt
    It's suicide... more »

  • Gave You

    I gave you everything
    But you just wanted more
    You wanted things
    I just couldn't give you... more »

  • Happy

    I hope you're happy with her
    I'd never wish you ill
    We were never meant to be
    I hear you're doing well... more »

  • Hearts

    This heart of mine was once yours
    Your heart was once mine
    But that was long ago
    Back when you were always there... more »

  • Hidden

    A broken heart
    Shielded by a smiling face
    A crushed spirit
    Hidden by a laughing girl... more »

  • I Cry

    I cry for you
    I cry for me
    For everything I let you do
    To me, to yourself... more »

  • I Hate

    I hate the way you care
    I hate the way you smoke
    I hate the way you stare
    I hate the way you lie... more »

  • I Hate Him

    I hate him for trying
    I hate him for leaving
    I hate him for caring
    I hate him for lying... more »

  • I Hide

    I hide me feelings from you
    I can't show them to you anymore
    Not after you used them against me
    I hide my face from you... more »

  • I Thought

    I loved you
    I thought you loved me too
    I thought you were perfect
    I thought you were great... more »

  • In Secret

    We're together when no one's around
    We talk in secret
    We can't let anyone see us
    Can't let anyone see our feelings... more »

  • Keep

    You'll never see my tears
    You can keep my heart
    My tears are worth more
    They're what you always wanted... more »

  • Left Me

    We were tight
    Then you left
    You said we'd always be friends
    Then you went away... more »

  • Let Me Go

    Let me go, Let me go
    But I know that will never happen
    I lost and now I'm gone
    I now belong to you... more »

  • Life

    We laugh we cry
    We live we die
    But what is it all for?
    Is it to make us happy?... more »

  • Love Was...

    I didn't know what love was
    Until I met you
    I didn't know that it was
    So good... more »

  • Mistakes

    This was written in my Sophomore year of high school. It's for Zach, the person introduced me to writing. We were close but I let the things people said come between us.

    It's hard for me to even think of you
    All you've done is care for me... more »

  • Notice Me

    Will you notice me
    If I win everything
    If I succeed where you failed
    Will you notice me... more »

  • One

    One cut
    One knife
    One over life
    One dropp of blood... more »

  • One Night

    You moved to go back
    To the life you used to have
    To the girl you used to love
    But she decided she just... more »