• A Lady In The Church

    Tearing the utter serene, of the long empty church,
    An ingénue came, with her gloomy gray eyes in some search.
    Clad in crimson carrying acute forlornness and inner fear,
    Her golden brown hair were long and conscience was so clear.... more »

  • A Pleasant Breeze

    With this enlivening breeze,
    A thought of you enough to please.
    Aroma of moments together spend,
    Brings composure, all happiness it blend.... more »

  • Deprived Disembodied

    Born in gloom paucity:
    Astonishingly glean glee in plenty,
    Are really pristine that oblivious of spirit or evil,
    Gad for own serene sheer.... more »

  • Lost In Air

    Love that you spend all over,
    Laminate life though noticed never.
    Somewhere somehow it gone with you,
    Lost in air, and air is few.... more »

  • My Childhood Dream

    In my childhood, I often dreamt
    Of a place of calmness,
    Everywhere there was serein and
    All the things were wholly enshrined.... more »

  • My First Love

    Enduring life solitary, in a murky mundane,
    Torpid and skittish, I curious to escape from the world of profane.

    Unaware and untouched by any affection and adore,... more »

  • My Misty Eyes

    My misty eyes, cried all night
    In the regret of past,
    In the bitterness of the morrow,
    That I couldn’t hide,... more »

  • Our Mahatma

    Born on the sacred land of Porbander,
    He was an aesthete of truth and non-violence.

    Married at thirteen,... more »

  • Showering Clouds

    Look at the beautiful sky,
    Shining up very high.
    Glittering up by the pearl vapours,
    Tremble by the air above,... more »