• (aric Jones) Could I Ever

    Could I ever hope to have a person like you
    a man like you someone I could love and cherish
    and just be real with could I be ever so loyal and honest
    and true and grow with you from my black to gray shall I rest beside you... more »

  • 16

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  • A Dark And Stormy Night

    A dark and stormy night each one is the same I'm crying in an empty room calling out your name. A light shines through a window an image of your face I start walking towards you but soon the image fades. raindrops beating downward poisoned red with blood bang against the ground a symbol of our love. lightning strikes the sky I scream of desperate fear I'm yelling for your help but you're no longer there. In the corner of the room In the middle of the storm Is a flame of burning fire
    I built to keep me warm. but the fire is a memory burning through my eyes I try to put it out but memories do not die. I'm searching for a door
    But there's no way to escape When again near the window
    An image of your face. My eyes close tight As I 'm reaching out to you... more »

  • A Whisper

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  • Ak (2010)

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  • Ak For You I Call Lover

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  • Am I Evil! ! !

    Darkness raines in my heart
    Darkenss bleeding from my soul
    Darkness and cold run against my skin
    Darkness grows and blooms through my skin... more »

  • Away

    Away and so far I feel so alone
    Taken away from the shardes of my home
    Memories are all I have sacred items lost afar
    Winds carry, Water moves, earth destroys and buries away while the fire burns all around... more »

  • Bitten

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  • Bleeding Heart

    I Dedicate this Poem to the Woman who made me Bleed

    In my heart that once Held love
    Past the Gate of my forgotten loves... more »

  • Bleeding Out

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  • Broken

    Holding you so close i never wanna let go our
    dreams we share as one the pain and troubles are over
    I had nothin left to lose but you and now my heart and soul are broken
    I see your phohtgraph and I weep inside a washs over me like a flood... more »

  • Broken Hearted Boy

    I stood before you open hearted and ready
    stuff happens and people change I dont hate you
    your cool and one day we could be friends again but
    for now I want you to burn for the pain you caused me I... more »

  • Christine Rice (Mom)

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  • Cross Roads

    I stand alone along this highway wondering if i'll die this way
    seeing you come and drive past me our roads crossed
    haveing secret dreams through tearful nights thinking of you is what got me by
    seeing you kept me... more »

  • Damn You

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  • Death To Me

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  • Death Upon My Soul

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  • Distorted Mind

    Clouds rain and tears fall lies blind and horrors unfold
    life breaks down between me and live no more
    traped in limbo with this slezzy bimbo trapped in the pain
    to suffer once more damn I feel like a whore i cant take this... more »

  • Fatal

    Spartic reactions
    hateful decisions, exact precision
    a painful incesion cut you atta my life
    with the black iron knife i cut these ends... more »

  • Goodbye My Friend

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  • Haunted

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  • Heaven, Without U

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  • I Can'T Live Without You

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  • I Cant Live Without/ William Holloway

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