Allen Ginsberg Comments (18)

Can someone possibly repair the spelling of Allen's surname in the first line? The g has been omitted.
Where is Howl? I specifically wanted that one
Confused as to why Howl isn't on here?
can you call someone a visionary who wishes to restore the past?
Where is Howl? I was hoping for a more enlightened web page.
I agree that Ginsberg was an underwhelming poet, and I do not think that it has anything to do with not understanding poetry. I'm not going to pretend to see the Emperors New Clothes, or Ginsberg's Good Poetry, as it were. I, too, tried to like him because I am a big fan or some of his buddies; Kerouac, Burroughs, and Kesey (not sure how chummy he was with Kesey, but you get the idea) . I was disappointed to say the least. I admit to having kind of a preconceived notion about what his poetry might be like, according to the company he kept. You can definitely tell that he was friends with Burroughs from the bizarre and gritty gayness in his poems. Definitely reminds me of Burroughs' Naked Lunch. But that's where the similarities end.
i love the irreverence
Why is Howl not part of his poems on this website, since it is actually his most famous poem?
@Ray Davis You know? I think this a good point. I enjoyed Howl and for the better part of month or so I've been trying to like Ginsberg, I wanted to, but I honestly feel like its laughably adolescent gibberish. Too many times I finish one of his poems and think...ooooook...great. Whatever.
He wrote a poem on our Liberation War 1971 standing on the street of my city Jessore. I feel proud of it.
@Debbie Fein he was just a regular guy... He was a pederast and a member of the National Man Boy Love Association; a group that wants to eliminate the age of consent for sex with minors. (In their case minor boys) . Nothing regular about him and his poetry was laughably adolescent gibberish.
Hamish Morcom -his poems were wonderful. I dont think you understand poetry
I knew Allen up until around the time he passed away. My Uncle was his cousin and Allen would come over many times to my aunt and uncles house. Allen was so nice and down to earth. He never spoke about his poems - he was just a regular guy.
Hamish Morcom is an idiot.....On The Road would have never been published without the support of Ginberg and Howl.....Philistine
Allen, good job when you sucked off Jack Kerouac! I am a really big fan of the time you did that! But your poetry is often terrible
Hey Allen, Your Poetry Is Truly Inspiring, Hope You Read This From The Afterlife!
Great visionary 20th century poet tranforming thought freedom along with Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan!
Dear Allen, They tell me you're dead. I see no sign of that in your poetry.