• When I'M Gone

    Each day you let slip by,
    One less day, for our eyes.
    Everyday you choose not to see,
    One less day for you and me.... more »

  • Wonder Where You Are

    As I sit and wonder where you are,
    Why does the distance between us, have to be so far?
    I reach out to you everyday,
    I try to show my love in different ways,... more »

  • Worst Dad

    So you think your father is really really bad
    Let me tell you about THE worst dad.
    He's never once said 'I love you'& doesn't have time for me
    The more I want to see him, the more he leaves me be.... more »

  • Years Of Searching

    Looking for the one I have lost
    got to find her soon, at all cost.
    You'll never know where I've been
    or the troubles I have found,... more »

  • You

    You hold the key to my heart,
    The choice is your when to use it.
    If you choose to wait to long,
    Please don't ever lose it.... more »