Allen Steble Quotes

Be mindful of what you listen to, it will influence how you feel, how you feel will influence how you think, how you think will influence how you act, how you act will influence how you behave, your behaviors will soon become your habits and your habits will shape your future.
The subconscious mind is very powerful, the subliminal messages we take on board each day affect us in more ways than we realize, We have to ask ourselves what kind of music we are listening to. What kind of TV shows we are entertaining ourselves with, what foods we are eating. We are what we consume, we are what we focus on, we become that which occupies most of our energy. Everything is in a constant state of vibration, the question we must ask ourselves is, are we in alignment with those vibrations, or are we opposed to them. Nature is never wrong, be true to yourself no matter what it takes, your uniqueness makes you beautiful and gives you purpose.
Small things left alone will grow larger the tiny plant in the Forest will become a mighty tree the small cloud on a humid day will bellow into a raging storm the small ripple deep in the ocean can surge into a tidal wave ashore what i have learned from these natural occurrences is simple, any problem you face in life will start off small and gradually grow larger over the passing of time solving problems whilst they are still small enough to be managed is the key.
everything in life starts off small including ourselves, it's part of our inevitable growth as human beings.