• A Day At The Beach

    I sit here in my cups
    watching fishermen gut their wares
    along the decrepit pier.
    I sigh with each careless toss and watch... more »

  • A Day At The Pond

    The rain came suddenly,
    soaking up the picnic blanket
    like a sponge.... more »

  • Accused

    We’ll never know who
    the culprit was.

    The tamburo... more »

  • Apollo Vanquished

    Fleet-footed as the faun fleeing with Apollo,
    the hungry huntress stalks her prey,
    pressing fallen leaves to her bare breasts,
    her taut, lithe movements sparing... more »

  • Border Town

    The days in Border Town shimmer
    with dust that hangs in the air palpable as pudding.
    The nights lonesome as a coyote's cry,
    and black as death, except for the bright lights... more »

  • Common Time

    Common Time

    When I think back upon my childhood fears,
    Rejoicing that those nightmare years have fled... more »

  • Consummation Haiku

    ... more »

  • Dormant Underlings

    ... more »

  • Frankie And Johnny (Comic Cliche Poem)

    Spring springs late in this neck of the woods
    so I think I’ll mosey along down south,
    even though it can get hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof
    and you can fry an egg sunny side up on the sidewalk.... more »

  • Leonardo Davinci (Acrostic)

    Leonardo deified the Medici of Florence;
    Ever the optimist, he defied them constantly,
    Overwhelming them with his consummate art.
    Naturally, they repaid him with disdain;... more »

  • Nostalgia In C Minor - Circa 1940

    Summer block parties, mama and papa
    kicking up their heels to the tarantella-
    such happy toe tapping. Signoras crowding in,
    twirling their babushkas, and me so proud.... more »

  • Poets As Conjurers

    We have have no need
    of disappearing acts
    or card tricks
    that stun the gullible... more »

  • Tarot Reading

    Tarot Reading

    You have cursed me
    with your wormwood... more »

  • The Death Of Spring

    I saw you walking in the park today
    And all at once my world came tumbling down.
    You looked as though you had not aged a day,
    Although I noticed just the slightest frown... more »

  • The Flower Market

    At the flower market
    I found spice, holy water,
    cobblestoned obsidian dreams,
    but no flowers.... more »

  • The Gardener

    Intent on her task, she gazes
    at the earth, stooping.
    Raking parched leaves, she scoops
    them up with gloved hands,... more »

  • The Light In Your Blue Eyes

    I grieve that I may be the first to die,
    To leave you here alone to see
    The break of day, the setting of the sun.... more »

  • Vino Rosso Della Guerra

    My father spoke of eating rats
    to stay alive in World War I
    as he lay in bloodied fields... more »