• All Alone

    Finally I am home.... all alone
    with no one to look at
    no busy bodies running around
    no noisey people... more »

  • All Gone

    You dont bother me...
    Go ahead and find someone
    I can do the same
    You dont trouble me... more »

  • Beautiful Day

    Not a single speck of blue in the sky.
    The sun flashing single rays of light.... more »

  • E Y E W A T E R

    Where do tears come from
    right before they leave your eyes?
    Do they come from the heart?
    or a secret place in the mind?... more »

  • He Left Me In The Dark.

    He left as fast as he came
    What's left? Only sad memories
    I can't say that I am changed.
    but he did take a little part of me...... more »

  • Heartstolen

    We said our hellos, but not goodbyes.
    I was waiting for you to speak that night.
    You stared, yet ignored. I felt as small as
    the grass beneath my fingers. You told... more »

  • I'M Letting You Go

    These words i speak taste oh so bitter
    Sweet love of mine I'm sorry
    I can not give what you patiently seek.
    My heart has bled, my heart is weak.... more »

  • Incomplete Poem

    When I think about you, my heart just breaks.
    Or atleast I think it does, my heart just aches.
    When I see how happy you are, I must admit.
    I ask myself, will I find happiness?... more »

  • Infatuation

    When I experinced this for the first time...
    I thought I was going crazy.
    I dreamt about you every night.
    You haunted my thoughts even in daylight.... more »

  • Just Too Much

    You say I am weak? !
    You would be weak too if
    you've been through the things
    that I've been through... more »

  • Losing The Love Battle

    I keep telling myself it's not love
    it's just a simple crush
    it's just simply lust
    I've been holding these... more »

  • Loss, Lost, Lust

    I was lost 6 months ago
    It was lust that drove my soul
    I couldn't controll...
    what happened that night... more »

  • Love Leaves Battlescars

    Don't be afraid of walking away
    put the past behind some things HAVE to change
    It may hurt but time heals
    It'll be just another battlescar... more »

  • Peace And Love

    my words are not of anger
    my words are not of hate
    my words are not of evil
    but of love, purity, and sweet sayin'... more »

  • We All Change

    I know now... that not one person can stay the same
    From the looks to the attitude... that one person has changed
    They've either been beaten or tainted... by reality
    We all have...... more »