• Anxiety

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  • Dear Men

    Dear Men,
    I hate you
    Not because I know you
    But because you're a man... more »

  • Goodbye World

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  • Last Resort

    Last resort
    Some might say I'm overreacting
    But the pain I feel deep with my chest is not at all relaxing
    With this in my mind I've tried and tried to give it time... more »

  • Magnets

    The family fridge holds
    More than magnets
    More than pictures
    More than memories... more »

  • Me

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  • Memories

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  • Message For All Prostitutes

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  • One Day

    One day you're going to wake up and realize that you should've tried
    I know it's hard right now and that can't be denied
    But use your aggression and pain as a guide
    Please just get out of bed... more »

  • Role Model

    Your kidney is failing but you keep drinking
    My heart is caving but silent I'm remaining
    It's like you want to die I'm just trying not to cry
    It's awful that you can't even put down the bottle... more »

  • White

    I am white but I am not privileged
    I don't come from lawyers or doctors
    I come from a thief and an alcoholic
    I come from prison visits and broken chairs... more »