Allison Riches Biography

In the middle ages, with 2 fabulous girls, aged nearly 8 and just 10, moved to the sussex countryside exactly 9 years ago (july 2008) . During this time have been through hell - bizarre in comparison to my formative years, but then is that life? hence have been writing, but only after the sudden loss of my Mum to cancer.

I have always taken 'risks', though in my book were perfectly logical steps to follow, in pursuit of financial security. I have had a very harsh learning curve when it comes to the countryside council, and a few idiots I naively allowed enter my life, hence a very bizarre, but intensive learning curve of life, as a direct result. Reflection on my life, merely looking for the justification of 'where I went wrong' has taught me that 'I went wrong' by being arrogant and assuming.

To have an ego crushed, is learning, at least if you crawl out alive. One must always be truthful and straight, and in particular, never judge. Live and let live is a state that holds more weight than any other.
'If one is to live by the sword, one shall die by the sword.' These words haven't been carved lightly.

I am currently writing 2 books, 'Glorious in Kent' - comedy fiction; and 'Grooming my Womble' - true to my life, and in scribble stage at the moment 'The Book of Now Then Now Then, ' influenced in title by Sir Jim Saville himself, and in escence my life; also the failings of 'The Book of Now'.