• Awkward And In Love

    You don’t understand im afraid
    Ive told you before but so much has happened since
    Ive started to find who I am
    I grew up from the little girl I was,... more »

  • Dont Lose Faith In Me.

    its true im a bit tense.
    its true that this is new to me.
    its true that i just may be in love with you.
    although were at different places, it feels right.... more »

  • He Taught Me...

    The rain makes me think of him.
    Of what he’s taught me.
    I know we’re done, it over.
    It wasn’t the right time.... more »

  • I Wish You Knew

    Don’t push me away baby.
    I haven’t hurt you.
    I promise I wont.
    Im yours and yours alone.... more »