ally jones Biography

Well. Got rid of my old profile. I'm seventeen now afterall. Much more mature and super serious. NOT!

I write alot of poetry, though none of it is posted, really. alot of it is rough and unedited and full of inexperience. Very raw. I also find them to be very extreme, like my emotions.

Anyways. About myself.

I have alot to say actually. I'm a very 'alot-to-say' kind of person. I'm shy when you meet me but later you can never shut me up. Ever.

Here's the basics. I range from 113-120 lbs (average-skinny) I got long hair that's black-red and I'm also lightskinned with green eyes.

I love the colours green and yellow. Animals are my favorite living thing in the world. Not people. I can't live without videogames (thats just the age I live in) and I listen to ALOT of music.

Ranging from Fiona apple to Supertramp, queen and fleetwood mac, to Korn, Nine inch nails, to Archenemy and Children of Bodom.

My favorite animals are,
1. Cougar (Strong, silent, intimidating)
2. Fox (cunning, playful, deviant)
3. Cheetah (fast, beautiful, deadly)
4. Elephant (Smart, family, wise)
5. Raccoon(survivor, scavanger)

Don't hate us raccoons, we have no homes, we just want a meal to get us through until tomorrow.

Also you should MOST DEFINATLY KNOW.

An animal is not vicious. Not kill an animal juts because you are scared or don't like it. That would mean you're very sick. An animal will only attack if it is afraid. Like us. They can't think things like, 'Oh hey I'm gonna bite this guy because I'm crazy' Maybe they only attack, becuase you're fuckin up it's home.

I'm just saying.


I go to school. I have a few friends.

I think I have a boyfriend. (I'm not too sure about him right now)

I also work. How you adults can work eight hours EVERY SINGLE DAY! No wonder why most of you act like you have a stick up your ass. Not that teenagers are perfect.

Well this is it. I'm too bored to right anything else.