• Be Different To Be Normal

    What is it to be normal?
    To commit the same actions?
    To have the same opinions?
    Follow the same cautions?... more »

  • Cinderella

    Such a nice, beautiful girl.
    A girl abused like a slave.
    A girl so kindly and true,
    forced and treated as a maid.... more »

  • Close The Door

    Close and lock the door.
    Do not hear the screams.
    And suffer through the turmoil,
    that's swallowing your dreams.... more »

  • Comrades

    In a war for power,
    filled with grief and fear,
    I surely would have died,
    had my comrades not been near.... more »

  • Impulse

    The sudden desire,
    to reach for the gun.
    Or the sheer desperation
    that has only begun.... more »

  • Look Towards The Sun


    The reality melts away,
    like rotting metal turned to rust.... more »

  • Memories

    Bad memories fading in.
    Good memories fading out.
    You say to let it go,
    But I dont know what your talking about.... more »

  • My Knight In Shinning Armor

    Rescue me from concealment.
    Lead me through the murkiness.
    Shield me through the gloom.
    Protect me from the wickedness.... more »

  • Never Give It Up

    All the nervous and anxiety,
    with just one puff it fades away.
    I feel so good and so relaxed,
    I wish the feeling would forever stay.... more »

  • Perfect Drug For Me

    Just a little something;
    if only it could be.
    To stop all of the horrors,
    the perfect drug for me.... more »

  • Rabbit Hole

    To be in a world,
    Of great mass confusions,
    Where 'hello' is 'goodbye'
    and so full of intrusions.... more »

  • The Rise

    The rise we get,
    from the things we do,
    it drives us all,
    we love it too.... more »

  • The Things You'Ve Never Heard

    I see you've moved on.
    You stole yourself away.
    You found a brand new love,
    and there's nothing I can say.... more »

  • Time

    Is there still time?

    To put you straight?
    To uncover secrets,... more »

  • Under Time's Thumb

    The labels we have today,
    wont be there tomorrow.
    Asleep in coffins we'll be,
    released from pain and sorrow.... more »