• In The Night

    Standing on the edge of a cliff
    Arms outstretched, breathing deeply
    Dark fog surrounding me
    The cold wind blowing through my hair... more »

  • Into Death

    So close to death
    But just out of reach
    I can taste the end
    But just can’t cross over... more »

  • Into My Grave

    Lying still in my coffin
    Forever here I will lay
    Safe in my eternal tomb
    Peace and silence will now stay... more »

  • Into The Abyss

    Fall into the abyss,
    The endless black hole
    Writhe in pain
    As life takes it’s toll... more »

  • Into The Unknown (Short)

    ... more »

  • Join Me In Suicide

    Where the sun sets and the moon rises,
    I will meet you there at night fall
    To create pandemonium one last time
    But tonight will never be forgotten... more »

  • Just Say The Word

    Just say the word
    So I can leave here
    My tortured body
    Lay motionless on the floor... more »

  • Laura

    Laura you’re amazing,
    I can’t even begin to explain;
    How you touched so many lives
    Though you were in so much pain... more »

  • Leave Me Be

    Shadows lurking in the darkness
    Watching my every move
    Can’t you see I’m dying here?
    What do I have to prove?... more »

  • Leave Your Fear

    All is lost in this war
    Death is the answer
    Life is no more
    As hell consumes us... more »

  • Let Go

    Please I’m begging you
    Let me leave here
    Let death take me away
    To a place without fear... more »

  • Let Music Embrace

    Music is for any emotion
    Music can read your mind
    Sadness or sorrow
    In music you can find... more »

  • Life (Short)

    Life is a mystery
    As is death
    The darkness grows
    As does the pain... more »

  • Life Vs. Death

    There’s a dark pit,
    I’m looking down into it.
    All around me is light and happiness
    But all I can think about is darkness.... more »

  • Limbo

    I am not living,
    Nor am I dead
    I am somewhere in between
    Slowly fading away... more »

  • Lost Souls

    Craving for long awaited death
    Waiting for Satan to take his hold
    Our souls to be dragged away from here
    Never to be seen again... more »

  • Love Beyond Death

    Sinking deeper into my grave
    Forever I will miss you
    Just please be brave
    This is for the best... more »

  • Love Death (Short)

    Cry blood
    Bleed tears
    Weep for love
    Laugh at pain... more »

  • Love Lost

    In the silent night
    Everything is dead
    All is not living
    Except fear and dread... more »

  • Love Said No

    As we walk the path of misery once more
    We find the keys to unlock the door
    To the room that hides our hearts
    Love pierces our flesh like poison darts... more »

  • Love Tragedy

    I love you
    I need you
    I want you
    Forever in my arms... more »

  • Love’s Flame (Short)

    ... more »

  • Maybe (Short)

    ... more »

  • Melodic Friendship

    As my tears fall
    Onto your skin
    I realize I’m not alone
    Because you let me in... more »

  • Music – (Acrostic)

    Makes me feel emotion
    Understands me best;
    Starts in motion
    Interesting quests... more »