• Past And Future (Short)

    ... more »

  • My Darkest Hour

    In my darkest hour
    All my fears come to life
    In these burning flames
    I’m drowning once more... more »

  • My Faith Lost

    Oh how the pain crushes me
    Burdened by love and hate I’ll always be
    Unable to break free
    But I’m still empty... more »

  • My Feelings Revealed

    There’s so much to say,
    I can’t begin to write down
    I’m disgusted and disappointed,
    I feel let down... more »

  • My Hell Within

    Life is passing me by
    As I’m consumed by misery
    Love is walking past me
    But I’m unable to reach it... more »

  • My Last Hour (Short)

    My eyes drained
    Of all my tears
    My heart scorched
    By this hell I live in... more »

  • My Nightmarish Reality

    see you
    Vividly in my dreams
    Devilish encounters
    You create for me... more »

  • No Escape From Death

    Once you’ve crossed the line
    That separates life from death
    There’s no turning back
    All is left up to fate... more »

  • No Mercy

    Close your eyes
    Reach out for me
    But I’m not there
    Can’t you see?... more »

  • No More Fighting

    I can’t fight anymore
    This battle I’ve lost
    I fall to the floor
    My strength all gone... more »

  • Ocean Of Emotion

    The heavy waves
    Crash onto the shore
    The deep blue water
    Comes back for more... more »

  • On A Dark Night

    Of night.
    There is fright.... more »

  • One Last Minute (Short)

    One last word
    In your hollow voice
    One last smile
    From your dark face... more »

  • Open Your Eyes And Escape Through The Window

    I’m suffocating here…
    Trapped eternally in this dark cage
    I want to grow wings and fly away
    Will I ever be free?... more »

  • Overtaken By Love

    Tightly held by love
    With chains so strong
    Totally immersed in passion
    My only link to life... more »

  • Poison

    Slipping deeper
    Into the lie
    That now consumes
    My whole life... more »

  • Pretending

    You don’t know me
    I am pretending
    Every smile, every laugh
    I am pretending... more »

  • Regret No More

    I can’t believe
    How good I feel
    It’s amazing how much
    Forgiveness can heal... more »

  • Remembrance

    The stars in the night sky
    Remind me of your eyes
    They sparkle like nothing else
    And have so much hidden behind... more »

  • Retreat (Short)

    Slowly burning in the flames
    Of torturous love and pain
    Forever scorched we’ll remain
    Until our hope is regained... more »

  • Scarred

    Oh how hard it is to let go
    Why can’t I slip away?
    Can you give me permission
    To move onto another life?... more »

  • Show Me Heaven

    If you show me heaven
    I will gladly take your hand
    Let’s escape this hell now
    While we still can... more »

  • Slowly We Die

    The darkest clouds overhead
    Our hearts filled with dread
    The poisonous lies we were fed
    Our hope lost, we wish to be dead... more »

  • So Many Things...

    So many things…
    Spinning in my head
    So many things…
    I wish I were dead... more »

  • Sorry...

    This is a poem
    For three beautiful children
    I’m not going to be seeing them for much longer
    And I’m really going to miss them... more »