• Stargazing

    Hold me in your arms
    As night falls
    All I need
    Is the warmth of your embrace... more »

  • Stay Or Leave?

    In a world full of sorrow
    There is no tomorrow
    All we have is right here
    The pain, darkness and fear... more »

  • Suffer

    Every tear that rolls down my face
    Is a reminder of the pain you left me with
    But you will never know how you hurt me so
    All the scars and sleepless nights... more »

  • Suffer In Silence

    In every tear I cry
    I taste the end, so near
    In every minute I die
    I think of you, my dear... more »

  • Sweet Revenge

    I really can’t wait
    For you to get the letter
    From a Legal Aid lawyer
    To make things all better... more »

  • Tainted Soul (Short)

    ... more »

  • Thank You

    Thank you…
    For the tears you made me shed
    Because without them I would not have cried... more »

  • The Father I Never Had

    You never understand me,
    Or what I go through
    I know you say you’re proud
    Of everything I do... more »

  • The Icy Truth (Short)

    Deep within the snowy forest
    Where the sun does not shine
    Lies the undiscovered truth
    Of the secrets of life... more »

  • The More We Die

    The more we cut
    The more we scream
    The more we wish
    It was all a dream... more »

  • The Path Of Sin

    Our hearts and souls intertwined as one
    The long road to hell we’ve now begun
    There’s only darkness, I see no sun
    The price we’re paying for what we’ve done... more »

  • The Reaper

    He walks the path of death
    Watches us ever so closely
    Searching for a victim
    A human he can make ghostly... more »

  • This Is Heaven

    Will you fall for me?
    Will you fall with me?
    Will you be with me always?
    Will you never leave my side?... more »

  • Three Small Words

    How hard is it to say
    These three small words?
    That some speak every day
    But I have not heard... more »

  • Thrive On Loathing (Short)

    ... more »

  • Together

    We will hold hands together
    Laugh and smile together
    Share our secrets together
    And help each other together... more »

  • Torn And Tattered (Short)

    Torn and tattered by the flames of love
    I fall into the darkness of your heart
    Suffocated by the lies and hate
    The remnants of my past blow away... more »

  • Toxic Love

    Bleeding from the inside out
    Once again your love remains
    The reason of my being
    Yet your poison runs in my veins... more »

  • Trapped

    This beautiful hell of ours
    Is all we will ever know
    Our fear will always stay
    The blood will always flow... more »

  • Unanswered Questions

    My heart torn
    By the battle of love and death
    All the questions in my mind
    I can’t find answers to... more »

  • Unexpressed Emotions

    Dad I want to tell you
    How I feel inside
    You have kept me imprisoned
    All of my life... more »

  • Wandering, Wondering

    Sitting in a field of roses
    Thoughts of death in my mind
    If only I could let go
    Freedom I wish to find... more »

  • War And Peace

    Witness heaven fall to earth
    And hell fade away
    The sun and moon will collide
    On this snowy summer’s day... more »

  • Wasting Precious Time

    The ruins of my past
    Have come back to haunt me
    It’s tearing me apart inside
    All my memories are surfacing... more »

  • Watching Me Fall

    Won’t you save me?
    Can’t you see I’m in pain?
    Can you light the darkness?
    Can you show me the way?... more »