• We Need Not Speak, For We Have Eyes

    What we cannot speak
    Others see, through our eyes

    Our eyes speak more than words... more »

  • What You Do For Me (Short)

    Hold me, kiss me, love me, want me
    See me, hear me, dream me, need me
    Touch me, feel me, breathe me, be me
    Adore me, guard me, protect me, defend me... more »

  • Wicked World

    Don’t see through me,
    But through my eyes
    The world is a cruel place
    One that caused my cries... more »

  • Will You?

    Will you need me?
    Will you bleed me?
    Will you see me?
    Will you free me?... more »

  • With Your Help

    Close your eyes
    Not your heart
    Let me in
    But don’t speak... more »

  • World Of My Own

    Gazing into empty space
    Oblivious to the world around me
    Out of touch with reality
    In a world of my own... more »

  • You

    Your smile makes the day seem bright
    Your words make everything alright
    Your tears make it all real
    Your touch helps my scars to heal... more »

  • You Can’t Say You Love Me

    You can’t say you know me
    Unless you really understand me
    Do you know what I go through every day?
    Do you know how much pain I feel?... more »

  • You’re The Reason

    I’ve given you my love
    I’ve given you my time
    I’ve given you my life.... more »

  • Your Love

    Shivering in your arms
    I’m slowly falling apart
    While the night goes on
    I begin to fade away... more »

  • Your Sins Into Me

    The poison from your heart
    Sinks slowly into me
    You are now free of pain
    But who will save me?... more »