• Ask & Realize

    I'm sitting in class doing my work and I stop all of a sudden
    I begin to ask myself if I will see you today
    And if I do will you hug me
    And what if we don't resist and kiss... more »

  • Complex

    I just love you.
    It's that simple to say but so complicated to describe.
    It's like living in a bottle lost in love.
    There's no way out of it.... more »

  • Confused

    i'm not sure anymore.
    I keep trying to be your ONE, and it keeps not working out.
    I fall to my knees and pray to the Lord,... more »

  • Go Away....

    I see you and it's still hard to look away
    but I still try to ignore you're there
    It's just so hard not to care
    I'm here you're there... more »

  • Hurting

    He took my heart
    The day I met him
    But I realized
    It only hurt... more »

  • I Hate Him

    ... more »

  • I'M Dead

    I stop and sit
    stare off into the world then my life
    I see this girl living at someone else's pleasure
    like a puppet doing her all for someone else... more »

  • Lost

    you feel like if you want to die...
    your so mad...
    you ask yourself, why? ?... more »

  • Love Sick

    I'm lost in this dispair that i can't bear to take
    Lost in this crowd and no one seems to care
    Can't handle this unknown..
    Make the fear go away i can't face it alone..... more »

  • Not Meant To Be....

    I guess it just wasn't meant to be
    Moving on is just a way to know your strong....
    You just feel the urge to hear their voice
    You want to stop the pain in your heart... more »

  • Only I Know..

    The days are lonely but only i know that
    Only i feel the empitness in the air without feeling you take a breath by my side
    Should i not feel this but it's a pain i cannot avoid
    It's like you're stuck in my heart... more »

  • Realize

    I look, and I die
    I observe, and I notice I love you
    When you laugh, when youo are quiet and when you talk,
    Everything you do makes me love you even more.... more »

  • She Just Took It....

    She came into my life
    Out of nowhere
    And all she ever did, since the start of it all was
    Take my happiness away... more »

  • So Far

    ... more »

  • So Young But So In Love

    How can someone so young feel the way i do?
    Falling in love is something you can't stop
    as hard as you try you won't accomplish anything
    Love sucks... more »

  • Stuck..

    What do you do when what you want isn't what your heart wants?
    all you want is to make that one person happy at any cost.
    even at your own cost..
    What do you do when you know it's not healthy but that's what you want?... more »

  • Walking Away....

    Ahem.... please,
    you think you're all i want.
    Please, don't think too much of your self.
    Guyz like you come and go.... more »

  • Your Time Isn'T Up

    Baby your time isn't up
    I'm searching for your love
    Looking for your love
    Searching for a sign... more »