Alma Luz Villanueva Biography

Grew up in the Mission, San Francisco, and raised by my Yaqui Indian grandmother, Jesus Villanueva, a curandera/healer/dreamer. Mother of four grown children...I woke at 4am to write when they were home. Coffee, candles, small lamp, flute music...the only human being awake in the universe writing/alive, that silence. I've lived in many beautiful places- on a farm where my first real poetry was written/published, growing every vegetable known to humankind. Chickens for eggs/meat, pigs, steer for steaks. In the Sierras where I first HEARD the Sun rise, that great hum. By la mar for many years, where my youngest son learned to surf in the full moon's light. Now I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, returning to teach at Antioch University, Los Angeles- and visit la familia, my friends.