• A Black Woman's Quest

    My mind goes up... and goes down!
    At times performing like a clown.
    Trying to throw keep mortality from
    weighing me down.... more »

  • A Friend Of Light

    As the earth prepared its meeting with the sky
    From a distance, I watched the lonely sun sinking
    low down into a reddish-orange glow
    While sitting in the dark not trusting the light.... more »

  • A Gift Every Tomorrow

    Today day gave me the most beautiful package though not for tomorrow
    Inside the beautifully covered box lay a 'Noble Truth: '
    'All life is suffering'reckoning with or without unhappiness... more »

  • A Loving Partner

    We found each other under the evening sky
    the moon sat directly over our heads and sent
    tidal waves that made our hearts bulge with love.... more »

  • A Loyal Companion

    You've been with me all the days of my life:
    A loyal friend, the part of me about which
    it may seem I could care less:... more »

  • A Moment In Time

    The sun rose sunny and bright
    Rays sent message from the sun
    This message can be read in a second.... more »

  • A Moment With Indulgence

    Putting all things aside for a while....
    Beckon indulgence inside to stay awhile...
    Sweeten heart and mind tasting...
    Relaxed in silence... more »

  • A Monologue With Self

    My life is fluff...I know it want be long
    Sitting in limbo purring like kitten without a home
    lacking faith taught me to heavily lean on…... more »

  • A Mother's Choice

    My dear, every journey
    Begins with one single step,
    then another, they alternate
    with each other, and the body... more »

  • A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (First)

    Her First born that seems so long ago:

    Peering into my mind
    Look at what I see!... more »

  • A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Fourth)

    Fourth Born

    While they were carefully restoring... more »

  • A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Second)

    "Mother You have A Baby Boy" while laying
    Seven pounds of flesh on my throbbing
    heart, tears streaming down my face, drops
    falling on his light brown hair, and the crease... more »

  • A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood '(Third)

    You filled my life with joy
    on that hot, sticky, July day in 1969...

    Daddy had hoped the old car would survive to take us to... more »

  • A Mother's Jewel

    Red and white garlands draped the treasure chest.
    They marched in tandem in the quietness of
    The cathedral, offering up sorrowful
    Tears to her crimson dressed body... more »

  • A Poem

    Abandoning child, teenage, and
    Candy cane forest, then first kiss.

    Personal dolly and my own... more »

  • A Poem...

    Inspired last night, today, and into tomorrow
    Oh how these starry eyes lit up the night: the stars
    Twinkled, laughed, and danced in delight
    The red moon stays in motion…from a long rest... more »

  • A Portrait Of My Mama

    Deception…the language
    with ease, he spoke in tongue

    Yet, the genuine gift of the Holy Spirit caused... more »

  • A Rush Of Wild Wind

    Love is like a wild wind
    Am I just a howling wildness?
    or maybe a howling triumph!... more »

  • A Soliloquy: Today, Tomorrow...And Tomorrow

    I know my time want be long…
    Sitting in limbo shows up life's complexities, lacking
    the faith that I was taught to heavily lean on.
    Life's ripples and waves challenging me to ride.... more »

  • A Special Friend

    Your friendship likens the sun-
    it lights up the world

    Your friendship likens a fruit-... more »

  • A Special Occasion

    While observing the gathering guest
    and remembering eleven years past, when
    She made her first debut on the world stage.
    Wearing a soft juicy peach birth-day dress;... more »

  • A Stepfather Walks In His Steps

    Our blood may not have
    Mixed to make my babies
    Seems by nature our flesh
    Mysteriously paired... more »

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Many years I've wished you happy birthdays or beginnings
    Yet, there's something very special about this one-its a
    milestone in your life and mine too.
    Ora, are you aware that we've spent our entire... more »

  • A Thank You Letter To My Husband And Best Friend

    A Thank You Letter To My husband. My Best Friend…

    These thank you words are for the finest occupant in the golden years of my life
    You're my quiet sleeping nights, my snugly warm hugs, and my heartwarming... more »

  • Actions Follow One Another

    A coward, I lay in the shadow of heroes
    Experiencing sadness to enjoy happiness
    Thereafter, doubt clears the way to confidence... more »