• Anino Sa Dilim

    Sa bawat pagwaksi ng araw
    Sa pagsabog ng liwanag
    Sa pag-ihip ng hangin
    At sa kanyang pagdampi,... more »

  • As The Book Closes

    As I close the book
    Let me once again remember the story
    Let my mind run through how it all began
    How did the characters met... more »

  • As The Moon Cannot Talk

    Have you heard it yet?
    The moon cannot talk!

    Just as flowers bloom and wilt... more »

  • Baby’s Cry

    We’ve waited for this day to come
    So long of hard work and patience
    …Of tears, joys and fears
    …Of heartbeats, doubts and tears... more »

  • Because I Know Her

    And the wind never blew again the way it was…
    But I can still feel her
    I still know how she moves
    I still remember her fragrance... more »

  • Because Of Your Love

    I love so much…
    That every second the world is turning
    Every moment seems to have no end
    …Because of your love.... more »

  • Beyond Your Eyes’ Reflections

    In my life, I’ve always thought I’ve seen,
    People with such deep emotions of pain,
    …With such loneliness and helplessness from within.... more »

  • Borrowed

    Why is it that people would usually yearn for something that they think they need? Why is it that people think that finding what’s lacking would make them complete?

    When I was a little child, my world was as small as my understanding. Everything seems to be as simple as my happiness. Freedom was as far as I can run. Forgiveness was certain as soon as I finished crying. Trust was given as soon as I laughed. And love was as gentle as my mother’s caring heart. But as I grew up… the world that I knew was far different. The complexity that the people created in the world is far beyond my understanding. Happiness is as fancy as diamonds yet, as superficial as its value. Freedom was just as far as what I know and as distant as the power I possessed. Forgiveness is certain as soon as revenge was done or
    pain and hurt has been inflicted. Trust is as volatile as the wind. And love was as rough as the sea in the storm or as sour as the lemon. Everything seems to be nothing but superficial.... more »

  • Bulaklak Sa Dilim

    Nais kong makita
    ang bulaklak sa dilim
    Yakapin ang hamog,
    langhapin ang lamig ng hangin.... more »

  • Can We Measure Love?

    Can we measure love?
    It could have been easier if there's only a way to do it.
    …If there's only an instrument that can quantify it
    …If only there's a mathematical equation that can solve it... more »

  • Dahon At Hangin

    Maraming dahon
    ang nagpapatangay sa hangin,

    Ngunit hindi ka... more »

  • Home

    And the wind blew again, and
    I felt a sudden feeling of nostalgia,
    I felt alive inside, yet
    I felt the pain in the same way,... more »

  • I Am With You

    During the day,
    They may not be within sight…
    But you know that they are there,
    You trust that they are there.... more »

  • If

    If one day you found yourself angry with me,
    Would you still have the courage to tell me that you care?

    If one day you found yourself badly bruised with the pain of our relationship,... more »

  • If I Could

    You shed a tear
    And I saw a fear
    It came to my senses
    Absorbed by my body and soul... more »

  • Kadenang Bulaklak

    Paano ba?

    Paano ba ang lumaya?
    Lumaya sa mga bagay na... more »

  • Kimkim

    Gusto kong makita ang mukha
    ng buwan sa tubig;
    Laban sa anino ng kanyang kalu’lwa.... more »

  • Luha

    Masarap iwan
    Ang mundo paminsan-minsan
    Lumaya…... more »

  • Memories

    Is it possible to just turn our backs on yesterday?
    Is it that easy to set aside everything that happened?
    Are we just going to keep everything that have passed in a closet?... more »

  • Moon On The Water

    I want to see the face
    of the moon on the water,
    Against the shadow of its soul... more »

  • My Thoughts Of You

    All day long…
    I thought about you…
    Even when I tried not to,
    I still thought about you…... more »

  • Of Drawing A Circle

    I still remember
    Each and every thing that happened,
    Even though as I leave,
    You would find someone to hold onto.... more »

  • Pagmamahal

    Mahal na mahal kita…
    Sa bawat sandaling umikot ang mundo…
    Ang bawat sandali ay parang walang hanggan…
    Dahil sa iyong pagmamahal.... more »

  • Payapang Dagat

    tulad ka ng payapang dagat
    masarap pagmasdan
    masarap puntahan
    ng isang kaluluwang pagod... more »

  • Pen

    As I touch her once again
    I felt how much she freezes inside
    The coldness seems to destroy her,
    Isolation took-off the light she once owned.... more »