• Broken Love

    A love so deep should have never fell apart..
    But it did,
    A heart with so much richness and
    happiness should have never been... more »

  • Sugar Kane

    sweet chocalate strawberry
    vanilla is not all what defines you
    because it goes deeper than just a taste
    eyes nose walk and teeth... more »

  • The Best Person I Ever Lost

    you came to me and was the best thing ever
    you had me smiling
    you replaced all the crying
    you brought me joy... more »

  • When I Go

    When i go, i'd like the memory of me to be a happy one,
    I'd like to leave a afterglow of smiles when lyfe is done,
    For me let the tears of those who grieve dry before the
    Sun, because I'd like to leave a echo whispering softly,... more »