• Emptiness

    Flowing with the stream, towards the sea of emptiness
    Lost are all desires, hopes & never afraid of being penniless.
    Once a lover of sweet, now enjoys this saline vicinity
    Living with scratches, wounds & loving them like infinity.... more »

  • Magical Touch

    We met for a while & with you I forgot that I have to walk alone.
    In hallucination, I thought that I am a King sitting on my throne.
    Though I was a nerd, but your touch made me chivalrous.
    Life became brisk & Instinct went to be hilarious.... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I am Rude, Sometimes I am cold.
    I am an open book, yet some chapters need to be unfold.
    In a hard shell from outside there resides a soft pie.
    Having no dream, just need to be loved by each and every eye.... more »