• Day After Day

    Time consumes my heart beat

    Regret blames me for wishful thinking... more »

  • Hope Alphonzo Ellis Jr

    Open your eyes to your highs and lows, with in time you will harden

    The paths and doors will swallow you whole, joy comes an goes... more »

  • Peace

    The path unwalked through time

    Believed to be a waist of time... more »

  • Reality

    Opening my eyes to you in a endless fall

    Door to door in search of peace... more »

  • The Unknown

    As I walk down this forgotten path
    The images become distant
    With no resistance I become diffrent
    Open to change but where is the fulfillment... more »

  • Those Of You Who Like The Dark

    Cover my soul for the luminous glow watches me suffer

    The pathes you choose, choose your pathes... more »