• Black Ribbons

    Black ribbons, clung through my skin
    like river’s wide lullabies
    leaving traces of blood dripping
    while satiate words of your dissatisfaction... more »

  • Blaming Myself

    I am standing here, on the clouds of grey
    Within these planks of hell
    Caught amongst a shaggy well
    I hung my soul... more »

  • Dying Angel

    Dying angel, is calling upon the star
    An immortal caged in, and was captured by mortals
    As my eyelids are drift in to sleep, I am surrounded
    With withered leaves, slowly crashes into bits of dried petals... more »

  • Dying World

    Captured and sealed, from the wonders of all
    Beyond thy life, on thousands of wall
    Life was created, and to be lived
    Offspring of us all, was alive since conceive... more »

  • Marionette

    Let me out of my misery
    And release me
    Let me out of my darkest self
    While you hunt me... more »

  • Picket Fences

    Picket fences, with white and pink patches
    Of cold flowers, that bring us wonders
    Corns were grown, by men in jeans
    To bring buckets of milk, for their offspring... more »

  • Poetry - Regret

    I am careless of my choices in life
    And now there is no turning back
    As my eyes, are beginning to crack
    From the brightness of my life... more »

  • Power

    As secrets were hidden, deep within me
    I feel forsaken, but goodness is empowering me,

    As I kept on running, and I feel I could never win... more »

  • Release Me

    While my nails are in purple light
    As I heard the music plays
    In my heart today
    melt like burning clay... more »

  • Surreal

    'Let thy soul buried,
    so I could rest in piece,
    while living in a world of immortality'... more »

  • Sweet Mother

    Melodic songs of love
    My mother sang from the above
    As it goes like this, on every day and night
    That comes with a kiss... more »

  • The Reason

    These dark streaks on my hair, are beginning to rebel
    There is not time to forgive, and now it is time
    For them to feel despair, regardless of broken hearts
    I simply do not care... more »

  • Undiscovered Journey

    The journey continues, to discover something new
    It is time to brew glory, within these walls
    Dark shall soon fall, and bless us all
    And be prepared to stand tall... more »