• A Coward's Life

    As curtains rise,
    Lain paralyzed
    He is first apprised
    Our star;... more »

  • Acacia

    The very sweetest child;
    Who at her birth was laid upon my chest.
    I swear then, as now, her flitting heartbeat
    Was ever synchronized to mine...... more »

  • Alive

    Purified by trial
    And suffering;
    Pain paints,
    The clearest picture,... more »

  • All I Want Is You

    Thoughts of you fuel me;
    Though we spend most days apart.
    In absentia, you still headline my dreams;
    All I want is you... more »

  • Anatomy Of A Suicide

    Our full-flowered, favored life has rotted into this.
    Seems hope exhaled from hollowed hearts, inhales with emptiness
    Empathy eludes the child whose dreams are not redeemed.
    Lacking eyes that sympathize, exacerbates the theme... more »

  • Another Sunrise

    Winced awake again this morning,
    Pestered by the prick of light

    Arising from the hill's dim glower,... more »

  • Before The Open Grave (A Loving Tribute To My Friend Dr. Clarence Martin)

    I stand before the open grave
    As dirt, by handfuls, slowly trickle down to coffin's lid.
    We greet each other's reddened eyes with tearful smiles
    And gaze down upon the remnants of our longtime friend.... more »

  • Breeze

    The scent of sweet magnolia breath,

    Revealed in fits, when spring's breeze sneezes,... more »

  • Embrace

    When comes

    The chill... more »

  • Emotions

    Weighing sums of new emotions,
    The stuff that binds us to our tears,
    Ensnares by comfort's numbing notions
    Cloistered thoughts from mounting years.... more »

  • Form And Function

    If you have need
    Of a primal scream
    … Then, say something...
    Dammit'!... more »

  • How Bad Do I Got It?

    Man, I got it sooooo bad that:
    If I was kidnapped,
    Rendered unconscious,
    And involuntarily... more »

  • I Too Am Loved

    I've witnessed color's many wonders.
    Savored the scent of angel's breath.
    Begged forgiveness for my blunders,
    Embraced the loving side of death.... more »

  • In Love's Memory

    Two thousand seven, two eight less one,
    In gusts of lust the deed was done.
    Quenched at length, sans innocence;
    Her kin’s dissent fell vainly pled... more »

  • In The Dark

    As darkness falls, a silent figure slithers forth on stockinged feet
    Muffled steps on hardwood floors breached bedroom door without a creak
    Uneven steps mark the time as lips seeks trough to slake this squalor
    Conscience left postponed for now; as lava runs white hot and shallow... more »

  • Iron In The Sun

    She snapped onto his needs like fitted sheets
    Attuned to every toss and twitch

    Her sassy-ass'd' visage exceeds replete... more »

  • Last Grasp

    At last, he's turned the final corner
    Of the blur, that was his life.

    He peaked at such an early age... more »

  • Life

    Life is short and unpredictable …
    So strewn with pits and faults…
    Wars and sorrows,
    Death and stress….... more »

  • Longing

    There sounds the chirping mandolin,
    And, in sympathy, chimes violins
    Our symphony did thus begin
    That takes me back to you... more »

  • Magic

    ... more »

  • Mystery #1

    The mystery so long concealed

    Has come at last to be revealed... more »

  • Mystery #2 (If This Were That)

    If the circumstance was different, love,

    I would 'waken to your touch.... more »

  • Quiet Times

    Quiet times, often succeed,
    To leave my fortressed heart ajar—

    Granting access in measured increments... more »

  • Rain

    I am blessed each time I witness rain.

    As sprinkling chatter batters windowpanes,
    Shards of diamond drum-roll parched terrain -... more »

  • Seasons


    From nothingness in dreamless slumber
    Three-quarter-year devoid of light.... more »