• ! ! Teenage Life! !

    Dusty walls
    Hidden lies
    Love that cries... more »

  • Amy! ! !

    There's so many ways to tell you,
    that i love you as a friend.
    and i love you,
    cause your there for me until the very end.... more »

  • Forever & Ever

    i love you babe,
    with all my heart.
    i always have,
    right from the start.... more »

  • I Love You

    i love you babe,
    i always will.
    even though we're apart,
    i love you still.... more »

  • My Perfect Man

    Alone at night i think of you,
    and all the things we're going to do.
    If love is blind, why can i see?
    cause i love you and you love me.... more »

  • My Wish

    I wish i wasnt here to ruin everyone's day,
    sometimes i do not wish sometimes i really pray.
    If i could die tomorrow how happy i would be,
    Because i wouldn't have to deal with you and you the same for me.... more »

  • The Eternal Internal Struggle

    bleeding painful memories,
    from my veins runs reality.
    do i dare to trust a soul,
    with the secrets of my deepest torture.... more »

  • Your Love

    your love fills me up,
    like the ocean does a cup.
    you mean the world to me,
    when we're together,... more »