• A Friend

    Someone to care,
    to share,
    to go with you everywhere.
    Someone who's great,... more »

  • A Loved Feeling

    A loved feeling,
    sits inside,
    i might have found the right one.
    A loved feeling,... more »

  • A Missing Link

    I had a friend like sugar,
    invigorating and sweet,
    this friend of mine was motivating,
    consentrating, amazing.... more »

  • Again And Again

    again and again,
    my head hurts,
    my heart breaks,
    the world spins.... more »

  • Almost

    I almost had him on valentines day,
    I almost had him for once.
    But i didnt get him sadly,
    And i love him more than anyone wants.... more »

  • Bumblepaw, Thunderclan Medicine Cat Helper

    catchy, isnt it?
    It's my warrior name.
    I love being medicine cat helper,
    keeping cats healthy and sane,... more »

  • Computer Class

    someone smells like socks.
    And moldy rocks.
    Get me out of this place,... more »

  • Did You Forget?

    Did you forget that i love you?
    Do you even know?
    well, abviosly.
    Cause my heart is broken so.... more »

  • Forgiven

    Oh, how i wish to be forgiven,
    and your friend again.
    I thought we had it all.
    Why did it have to end? ? ?... more »

  • Gia =]

    So wierd,
    next to me,
    but gia is my second BFF....
    not too hard to believe,... more »

  • Hope You Don'T Mind(Originally By Aliya Rowland)

    Hope you don't mind I used your soap.
    I hope you don't mind I slit your dolly's throat.
    I hope you don't mind I used your toothbrush and I think I wet the bed.
    I put honey in the shampoo.... more »

  • Hurt

    the gaze fixed so steady,
    the words that you said to me,
    it hurt.
    I love you with all that i have,... more »

  • I Hate You

    i hate your beautiful hair,
    how it cascades down your back.
    i hate your beautiful eyes,
    how they turn green and brown and black.... more »

  • Im Sorry

    Im sorry.
    I never meant for this to happen.
    Im sorry.
    i want you to forgive me.... more »

  • Miley Cyrus

    She's a hoe,
    that's true,
    but her music's,
    so cool.... more »

  • Not Your Slave(Originally By Aliya Rowland)

    Clean the dishes,
    sweep the floor,
    i cant take this anymore.
    I'm not your slave.... more »

  • Ok Then

    ... more »

  • Pain(Originally By Aliya Rowland)

    Pain is the fire in your soul when you:
    Stab... more »

  • Rain

    A glance out the window,
    Into the darkened clouds,
    that sit outside, above the sky.
    How I wish to be outside,... more »

  • Sacred Jade

    A sacred jade,
    inside my heart,
    keeps me loving you,
    forever.... more »

  • Separation Of My Heart

    separation of my heart,
    started a month back.
    my sentences were dark,
    my mind became black.... more »

  • Simple Smile

    I see him over there,
    Just standing around,
    He shakes his floppy hair,
    He throws his bookbag to the ground.... more »

  • Somalia

    She sits on my windowsill,
    her hair flows in the breeze,
    she purrs so happily.... more »

  • The Cool Sister

    The cool sister i have,
    She's the best one to know.
    The one to sit around and listen,
    Or play out in the snow.... more »

  • The Recycle Cycle(Laceyy: ])

    Glass and Plastic,
    Cardboard and Stuff,
    With recycling you just can't get enough!
    Aluminum Cans,... more »