• A Sad Song

    When all these are over
    I'm going back to where I left my wounded self
    and live again
    funny but no matter how hard I try it seems that... more »

  • Ayrz

    a person who I hold dear
    someone who is always near
    never will let go no matter what happens
    a strenght when I am weakened... more »

  • Between The Lines

    The laughter that covers the deep longing inside
    the longing that penetrates the deepest part of the beating heart
    Never would I want to be with you
    for being with you will make the heart long for more... more »

  • Blend

    a weary face in an astounded mind
    how I wish to hold your tears back
    and cradle you in my bossom
    close to me..close to what I am... more »

  • By Twilight

    as the hours pass by
    it gets nearer and nearer
    emotions seeps in
    hunger... more »

  • Clouds Cry

    Blue clouds waving goodbye
    pink clouds saying hi
    beautiful those may be but inside them lies the rain waiting to be poured
    Clouds don't deceive me... more »

  • Comfort

    bring me into the arms of comfort and lay there beside me
    wishing that this is what you'll be able to see
    how I am longing to speak to you now
    so I could blurt out all these feelings somehow... more »

  • Divine Sugar

    Nowhere to go..trapped in a concave of an illusion
    jealousy trapped by vindication
    healing but the soar and ached
    tangled by life's complexities... more »

  • Estranged

    Letting go
    You come but still go
    When will you stay for good?... more »

  • Ether

    Butterflies hovering and playing around
    Its fragile wings flapping aimlessly to nowhere
    right and left..back and forth
    there they go around the stillness of the room... more »

  • Face Unseen

    A smile brought by the joy of seeing you again
    We laughed like children
    Played by the shore
    Catched the tide... more »

  • Farewell

    Where does the sadness go when we shun it?
    When we destroy it
    When we concede every heartache and tears
    Melancholic smiles we hide and never show... more »

  • February Night

    lights falling
    stars shining
    the moon's drying me
    angels crying... more »

  • First Ray

    A new morning has awaken
    Feel the the soft breeze caressing your skin
    Let the sunshine rain on you
    Open up your eyes and see how God is blessing you... more »

  • Fly High

    Wherever I may be there I look for my wings
    wanting to have it so I could fly high
    and soar in the vastness of the sky
    and fly where you may be..and go where I should... more »

  • Gabriel's Goodbye

    Drifted towards the abyss of loneliness and confusion
    slowly turned into dust once more
    fire enveloped and burned the heart
    a light shined from above... more »

  • Hello

    It’s been so long
    How have you been?
    Who have you been seeing?... more »

  • Hiding Place

    Of birds and trees
    streams and stones
    leaves falling on my palm... more »

  • Hopes

    Funny how all things fell into place
    how inspite these trasparent emotions I managed to stay composed and serene
    inside somehow there's this little light
    when will it shine to blind you... more »

  • Hunger

    The bitter sweet taste of swallowing every inch of this life
    Pungent memories seasoned with love haunting every sleep
    Dreams glazed with your honey which at times forget to wake up
    When it gets too sweet sprinkle with salt... more »

  • Jenny

    If I could i will take you in these arms of mine
    and sing you a sweet lullabye til your soul finds its rest
    follow me around til u tire
    speak to me til u run out of breath... more »

  • Just To Love

    giving yourself to the person of your adoration
    doing things unimaginable for the person's sake
    how great the feeling is
    it never asks but gives... more »

  • Lord Anthony

    The quiteness and stillness of you
    the loneliness that needs ti be banished
    replace it with true joy and love
    tears wiped by hands that has been tired for life... more »

  • Love Unspoken

    what's there to say
    when there are no words left to describe
    who am i now and
    why I am falling for you...hush... more »

  • Moments

    Little fingers crossing and pointing upwards
    the little thoughts laughing
    angel dust showering from the moon's lime light
    sugar cubes they came to offer... more »