I am a 17 year old baptized Christadelphian sister, I love to write poems and short stories, and I love to read! I recently moved from my hometown in New Brunswick to great Ontario, and am hoping to be able to visit again soon. I have never published anything, but, that will change, God Willing.


Amanda Baines Poems

To My Best Friend

Miles are between us - this much is true
But still that is no reason to be blue!
I promise I’ll be back before too long,
Until that time we both have to be strong.... more »

I Try To Talk To You, You Turn Away

I try to talk to you, you turn away.
I try to comfort you, you cry all day.
It's been days since we talked, you won't look at me!
I scream and throw books, but it's like you can't see.... more »

Climate Change

Winter is warmer and summer is hotter.
Lakes are holding less and less water.
Something is happening to Earth as we know it -
And the Arctic Circle is starting to show it!... more »

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