Hello, I am Amanda.
I am a teenager with a passion for writing poetry.
I have had an extremely messed up life.
I have gone through things most people won't go through their whole life.
But, we have all made mistakes that cannot be fixed.
My normal mood is depressed. I have not been happy for as long as I can remember.

The most important thing in my life, currently, is my beloved boyfriend. His name is Austin and he is the only one that makes me come close to being happy.

I use Poetry as my escape.
I write about; How I feel, things I have been through, people I have loved, etc. etc.
Some might find poems from me disturbing.
That is why I haven't posted half of my poems, but I am considering it.

Well, that is it for now.....


Amanda Craft Poems

One Last

Is this what our world is coming down too?
Fighting, dying,
Bleeding, and scars.... more »

Him And You

To look at him every day,
To be happy for him every day.
To smile, wave, and hug him every day.
Those things wouldn’t, shouldn’t be so hard.... more »

I Love You

I love you.....
But, how do I say it?
I mean it and I know it is the real thing.
But, do you feel the same way about me?... more »

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