• An Unexpecting Charmer

    Wonderfully Amzing
    Joyously Playful
    Beautifully Demanding
    Unbelievably Sweet... more »

  • High School Drama

    They make me laugh,
    They make me cry.
    For any of them
    I would gladly die.... more »

  • Longing To Tell You

    When I'm near you I can feel it so strong.
    In your arms is where I belong.
    But you don't think of me that way.
    Not yesterday, not today.... more »

  • Lovely Promises

    Why must I believe you?
    Every word I think is true.
    You make promises that you don't keep.
    You never follow through.... more »

  • Talk To Me

    I'm right here with an open ear
    Waiting to hear what you've got to say.
    But you won't talk to me anymore.
    What's different than before?
    Please, just tell me what's going on.... more »