Amanda Deli Bridget Del Sontro Biography

(1992-Present) Amanda Bridget Del Sontro, or 'Deli' as named by her friend and fellow authoress Cait Storm, is a teenage author who is not yet famous, but has been writing lyrics, poems, and short fictions since a very young age. She is currently writing a fiction romance novel tentatively titled 'Love in Music'.

Her dreams lie in the arts, preferably music or literature. Her speciality is personal poems that are placed in cards. Deli is an episcallian christian who also practipates in the church choir, being the youngs of the members. She has recently been baptised.

This 16 year old is a lover of Video games, literature, theater, and music. She also attends a vocational high school for marine biology, advanced sciences and mathmatics. This school gives a heavy homework load at its nearly college level.

Deli is currently living in the town of Forked River, new Jersey with her Mother, Father, first brother, Pug Dog, and Eastern Red-ear slider turtle. She also has a close half-brother who lives in Florida with her sister-in-law, nephew, and two nieces. She has a large family with 7 aunts/uncles on each side of her family tree, most of which have children. Unforunatley, she has limited contact with most of the forementioned family.

Her poetry is usually influenced by personal experince, or reoccurring lightning of inspiration from no where.