• Chuck Taylor

    Converse All-Stars are my favorite shoes. There’s
    High tops and low tops. I love them all, but
    Ultimately, I choose the low tops
    Cause they look cute with capris and shorts, but... more »

  • Darkest Night

    I wish that you were near,
    To hold me in the darkest night,
    Against all odds you erase my fear.
    I wish that you were near,... more »

  • For My Johnny

    Still so young, but so deeply in love
    Every moment together is one to remember
    He is a gift to me from heaven above
    Still so young, but so deeply in love... more »

  • Hooked

    I know why no one wants that shiny snack
    But it doesn’t matter, I want it
    I think when I’m close enough I’ll attack
    It smells so good I just can’t quit... more »

  • I'Ve Shrunk To A Mere Twelve Inches In Height

    I’ve shrunk to a mere twelve inches in height
    But what can be done? There’s nothing I can see
    Approaching footsteps are filling me with fright... more »

  • Myspace Destruction

    Megan Meier, it’s been so long
    You were just right here and now you’re gone
    I wish this never happened, it was supposed to be a joke
    My parents only wanted to know why we hadn’t spoke... more »

  • Primavera

    with spring, comes a second chance
    a second chance to grow
    after the harsh winter has removed
    all hope for success.... more »

  • Stalker Jane (Inspired By Maury Povich: Peeping Toms)

    My pen to the paper, will tell you it all,
    I swear that you build me up, simply to see me fall.
    It will get better babe, just you wait and see,
    Let me show you everything, c’mon, you and me.... more »

  • The Crying Giant

    She is standing infront of the sun
    And then her tears begin to come
    I think she’s running away from here
    Wait, I think the giant is coming near... more »

  • The Downfall Of Helium

    And it floated into the air
    Far away from the child’s hand
    Of all expression her face was bare
    And it floated into the air... more »

  • The Entertainer

    I turn around, he’s right there with a big red nose
    Colorful polka dots are dizzying my eyes
    The horribly honking, the constant laughter
    The squeaking of created animal shaped balloons... more »

  • The Flower Bloomed Today -

    The flower bloomed today
    It’s a yellow sunflower
    Through the ground it made its way
    The flower bloomed today... more »

  • The Getaway

    The fairy jumped over the bog
    To ride upon a unicorn
    Drops of rain fall in a misty fog
    The fairy jumped over the bog... more »