• Drunk Driving

    Do you have any sympathy as you watch in the freezing snow
    This wasn’t supposed to happen how were you supposed to know
    These people stare with a lost look in there eyes making no sound
    You as well watch As the little casket is lowered into the ground... more »

  • I Forgive You Daddy(Child Abuse)

    I never do anything wrong
    even though I don't you hit me all day long
    Slap!... more »

  • I'M Sorry Mommy

    I’m sorry I left you so soon mommy
    I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye
    I’m sorry I can’t hold you anymore mommy
    I can’t comfort you as you cry... more »

  • I'M Truly Sorry

    I wanted to send you this rhyme

    To help you through this sad time... more »

  • Smile Daddy (A Song I Made)

    I was looking through old pictures late at night and it made me smile
    It was me as a baby it made me think that its been so long, its been a while
    daddy you looked so young and handsome and mommy was so beautiful too
    You looked so proud to be a father, even as a baby I was stuck to you like glue... more »