• 5x A Day

    A man in love,
    Is a man with his dog. However you may take it.... more »

  • A Good Mans Heart Will Follow

    Make amends, to heal a faithful heart Devine.
    There is no capturing a sad, sad heart for I am only mine.
    Departure. Save yourself from pain. Be yourself, forever in your name.
    His good heart will follow, within exquisite beauty and he will find... more »

  • Armor

    And your armor
    You wear is so tight
    Your shadow can't fight
    What good is it... more »

  • Avenue Of Blue

    One day when we meet again in the
    Avenue of blue,
    The clouds will float past and ill blow
    A kiss to you.... more »

  • Be Playful With Your Love

    Be playful with your love,
    Fair, lightly no dismay.
    Toss the sheets laugh in love,
    Wrapped up in love you say?... more »

  • By And Bye

    By and bye like stepping stones
    Skipping through longitude
    They disappear into the distance
    Just as I've feared us too... more »

  • By The Bayside

    For me to reach the bay side, by the freckle of the moon. Where the tortoise lay her loom, to find their own way. The sea seems shallow at even it's deepest parts. The ripple by the towns well, is shallowest of them all. What a long way to travel.... more »

  • Carry Me

    I hear the roaring of the wind, sweeping under my pillow.
    Now, my dreams are silencing, tomorrow.
    Carry me, my thoughts, my wonders, my hopes. Carry me to the willow.
    Soar across the seascapes, in my painting, in my home.... more »

  • Crimson Red

    Crimson red by dawn of dusk
    Brighter than your fire crest
    Deeper raging channels in red
    Burning better dreams inspired... more »

  • Do Nothing

    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein, conceit, rather in humility.
    Value others above yourself, not looking to your own interests but each of yours to the interest of others.... more »

  • Elude

    Can I express my discomfort, pouring dismay
    Shall I elude, skip town, get out
    Out while its still cold, an empire upholding a staircase in gold
    I can't even bare the december chill, and it will be strong... more »

  • Fire, Earth, Water

    Proud lioness, encouraged and enlightened
    Prowls, courageous despite the remark
    Courteous with visions, senses heightened
    Desirable, affectionate in calm the dark... more »

  • Friend

    Sweeping wispy hairs across your face, starring into your soul
    Old soul, deep thought, cherish my words
    I hear your thoughts buzzing, just curious
    So curious when I say, Hold His Hand my dear.... more »

  • Impede Indulgence Or Wallow

    Consequence in numbers, increases. In sequence, says who?
    Shallow, bellow, wallow... Deep sigh. Why?
    Attention, our nature is self pitty as you gaze out for seduction.
    Indulge your self worth, hault!... more »

  • Memorize Your Tune

    Only for a moment
    When I'm starring in your eyes
    I know I'm safe and happy
    But when your back is at my shoulder... more »

  • Short Poem

    'Quite often without you I am at a loss for the day.'
    - Sonia Sanchez... more »

  • Spike In The Night

    I may stretch and reach across your chest in the night
    My sweet breath whisping against your ear
    Our noses meet and a smile peers
    It's you tickling past my belly button, not shall I fight... more »

  • Static

    Be static, be still as forgiveness unveils. It's the truth which murmurs quietly until, we realized it fails.
    Do not forget nor regret but be silent and discrete.... more »

  • The Baritone

    To search for love will make you blind.
    Let your love cross your path twice, first by accident second to suffice.
    Let he who finds you at your worst alone, accidentally trip; you'll crash and fall for love. Baritone.... more »

  • The Soulmate Is A Contradiction

    Infinite days the mind believes a soulmate adores your perfect fit, the embers to light your fire.
    Infinite the desire.
    Embrace the fact, truth in matter, just this; a soulmate is your only reflection. The one that peers back through the mist, illuminating exactly yourself without holding anything back.
    Embrace that fact.... more »

  • The Sparrow

    Who sings a song of sorrow better than the sparrow in the snow?
    Keep silent swaying, sitting reluctantly suspended at the sycamore.
    Slowly suffocate the darkness, see the sun at rise sneaking, bestow.
    Silly little sparrow, seeking softness by the sky suffering as she soar.... more »

  • The Speckled Feather

    Gentle sighs the white speckled feather
    Blown, drifting alongside the breeze
    Lifted she floats in all glory, mother
    Sings, vibrato in tune beside the harp.... more »

  • Twinkle

    Tiny twinkle twinkle toes
    Dancing prancing tickle those
    Little laughter chiclet teeth
    Small wonders happy feet... more »

  • Vast Lands

    Calling out when the train heads way
    Sharp whistle attention to your destination
    Keep a direct gaze out past the maize route
    Peddling faster yet, feeling a trace of tension... more »

  • What Is Luck?

    My thoughts expand, expand
    Golden goose eggs impute
    A swallow of inspiration in
    Empowerment dispute... more »