I am currently a progressing poet in my second year of college trying to stay devoted to one of the many passions I developed as a child, writing. My dream job we be to write screenplays and become a successful playwright and poet. I hope you read and enjoy my poems. The opinions of others means a lot to me and helps me improve my work please so don't hesitate to comment and tell me what you thought and how the poem made you feel. Thanks :)


Amanda Grimes Poems

Carry My Heart

let the dove fly forever in peace
never does she need to rest her wings
carrying my heart for me
soaring and conquering all though she is fragile and small... more »


as love is elusive it is contained
bound to me by those love I've gained
whether love be offered or denied
love unconditional is the rarest kind... more »


Unattainable perfection
Highlighted flaws projected through a reflection
Glanced at through lowered eyes made heavy
With unanswered cries... more »

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Victoria Gunn 24 Jun 2006 10:48
Yo shit is deep. I'd vote, but I can't find the damn box!