• Boy Love

    I love u
    it kills me to trust you
    must you tear me apart
    break my heart... more »

  • Carry My Heart

    let the dove fly forever in peace
    never does she need to rest her wings
    carrying my heart for me
    soaring and conquering all though she is fragile and small... more »

  • Loss

    Unattainable perfection
    Highlighted flaws projected through a reflection
    Glanced at through lowered eyes made heavy
    With unanswered cries... more »

  • Love

    as love is elusive it is contained
    bound to me by those love I've gained
    whether love be offered or denied
    love unconditional is the rarest kind... more »

  • Secrets

    the greatest secret is the one unspoken doors left open
    naked in the crowd only you stand out
    your safety has gone and the your inner self is shone
    though their your secrets to keep, of which you dare not speak... more »

  • To Be Young

    youth bestows a gift of errors
    when in the mirror the reflection is absent
    of wrinkles and lines
    the wisdom to is also not present there... more »

  • War

    lingering emotions victorious
    when battles are waged
    resisting the inevitable
    a soldier... more »