• Dear Whoever Is Reading

    i have woken up from a
    long lived dream of him
    of i wish i was his
    of i need to be with him... more »

  • Death

    Looking away a
    Tear rolls down
    She thinks of the
    Tim spent together... more »

  • Different

    i sit in a room
    a room full of people
    who are completly
    in every way different... more »

  • Its Over

    the phone rings once
    she looks at it as if
    expecting it she's afraid
    it rings again... more »

  • Mom

    You deal with four kids
    With the running and screaming
    With the “he did it, ” and “no she did it, ”
    With the pushing and shoving.... more »

  • Silence

    Footprints stand
    Alone in the red
    Cold snow all is
    Silent... more »

  • The Friendship We Had

    I hate you.
    You never liked me,
    You used me,
    Lied to me... more »

  • To Him

    To the one that
    Makes me smile
    To the one I love
    More than ever... more »

  • Untitled

    Looking out and
    Smelling the sea air
    She stands
    Waiting and watching... more »

  • Waiting

    I stand waiting
    The cool breeze touches
    My rosy cheeks
    My mysterious eyes... more »

  • Willow Tree

    you stand there by the road
    letting the wind blow your hair
    letting birds move in free of charge
    you stand there waiting... more »