• Blinded

    Whatever did I see in U?
    Oh now I remember....
    I was blinded by ur words....
    And u put me under a spell....... more »

  • Broken

    Breaking me was the easiest thing you could have ever done...
    You were the easiest bad habit,
    You were my favorite mistake,
    and I could have sworn you were an angel,... more »

  • Friend?

    Friend? Are you out there? I need u right now...
    I need u to cry the tears that couldn't cry!
    You need to know the pain that I have been feeling for an entire lifetime...
    Loneliness...it will never leave my oblivious mind!... more »

  • I'D....

    I'd bleed your pain,
    I'd cry your sorrows,
    I'd die for your love!... more »

  • If Only

    If only u could c the scars that I have,
    If only u could c how I got them,
    If only u could c the way I hid them,
    If only.......... more »