• Big Sister

    pictuer of my big sister
    22 years old
    her name is jessica
    she lives in ann arbor... more »

  • Church

    up in gloryphi hod youth minstery
    just got done prising the lord
    with singing out with everything i got
    church is off the hook yall.... more »

  • Friends

    friends come friends go
    new friends will always be there for you
    old friends be acting fake
    friends like to joke around with each other... more »

  • Generation 6: 20

    i am generation 6: 20
    not generation x
    i have a purpose
    nothing is going to stop me from knowing my purpose.... more »

  • I Hope

    i hope
    you will always be there mom
    i hope your not mad at when i don't do the dishes
    promise me... more »

  • I Hope U Dance

    i hope you dance
    in the middle of the night
    when u can sleep
    thinkin of something that will make u dance... more »

  • Love

    he loves me
    he loves me not
    he loves me
    he loves me not... more »

  • Old Beat Up Toyota

    there was a new teacher from north daktota
    who likes to drive her old beat up toyota
    the principal came in
    and said why don't you put... more »

  • Sam Part 1

    cute, good looking
    walking, talking, flirting
    stay by him always... more »

  • Sam Part 2

    sam there is something
    that i always wanted to........
    tell you seem middle school... more »

  • Sam Part 3

    sam sweet, kind
    he is nice, good looking
    i can't stop thinking of him
    we have been friends for a long... more »

  • Saved

    i am going to stay saved
    thats the best thing that ever happend to me
    i gotta get my friends saved
    so they can get to know god... more »

  • School

    i go to lincoln high school
    its lame
    but i only have 3 more months left
    then i am out of there... more »

  • Summer

    summer, fall
    swimming, cooking, bakeing,
    in the summer time i am going to church camp
    running, walking jogging... more »