• 9 Months Later

    9 months later im still in love
    we'll be together from here to above
    our love grows stronger with everyday
    we both already kno it will stay that way... more »

  • As The Days Past

    As the days past
    I wonder at last
    Why are we hear
    Should we have any fears... more »

  • Cutting

    I sliced and diced for so many years
    I thought i could cut away my fears
    I would cut just to see the blood drain
    Back in those days i think i had no brian... more »

  • Everything Feels Like Its Oh So Right

    When you hold me in your arms so tight
    Everything feels like its oh so right
    Remember when we'd stay up late nights
    Everything feels like its oh so right... more »

  • Everytime

    Everytime i had a bad day
    You were there to say it's ok
    Everytime i needed a friend
    You were there until the end... more »

  • I Cherish You!

    With the look of a smile and a beat of your heart
    I cherish you nothin will tear us apart
    With a laugh or a giggle and your cute little sniffles
    I cherish you even when your nose wiggles... more »

  • Long Lost Dad

    DAD, is a word i have never been able to say
    He has'nt been around for a single day
    Even though he has'nt been there
    I love him to death an that i swear... more »

  • Love Is....

    Love is knowing his pain
    Love is not playing any games
    Love is smiling inside
    Love is something to never die... more »

  • My Annoying Uncle

    He has been at my house for around 2 months
    He's my uncle an all but i cant stand his guts
    He's annoying and rude
    And a down right prude... more »

  • Oh What Great Times

    We ment and fell in love
    Oh what great times
    We laughed kissed and hugged
    Oh what great times... more »

  • Past Family

    I've never had a father in my life
    I think thats why me mom always fight
    Sometimes i stay up late nights to cry
    I wonder if he loved me were he went and why?... more »

  • Soul Mate

    When we met we were just friends
    But feelings grew now your mine til the end
    My love for you will never change
    I hope our feelings always stay the same... more »

  • Words Cant Express.......... The Big Question

    Baby words cant express how you make me feel
    I know this time that its the real deal
    You stole my heart not once but twice
    I gotta admitt it felt rather nice... more »

  • You Lied....

    You lied once but i took you back
    Our love grew and thats a fact
    But you broke my heart to many times
    I sit and wonder why i even try... more »