• [another] Winter

    [2 Corinthians 5: 17-Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
    he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come]

    winter.... more »

  • A Blank Canvas

    Blank. that is how I feel.
    I have no emotions to fulfill.
    Nothing left.... more »

  • A Thing

    I have feelings for you,
    and you for her,
    It is always the same,
    I really hate this game!... more »

  • About Me

    I don’t know how to love
    I don’t know how to spell your name
    I don’t know what it is of
    I don’t know how to feel the same... more »

  • Acting.

    This is not an act.
    There is no contract.
    The truth will attract
    What is contrary to fact.... more »

  • All I Need.

    dead life
    dead heart
    dead love
    dead past... more »

  • All I Want

    Who do I love?
    This I do not know.
    So many feelings
    All lost in my head.... more »

  • Amazing Soul

    You loved me as your daughter,
    And I loved you just as well.
    The countless hugs,
    The immeasurable love.... more »

  • Anew

    Is where they flew
    Is where the worries stay... more »

  • Argentinean Cowboy

    I met him on Spring Break,
    He gives me a heart ache.
    It is hilarious you see,
    He’s everything I want to be.... more »

  • At Espresso

    So I sit here while I should be studying.
    And yet I have an odd sense of calm
    I think of how I am almost done
    What a wonderful word... more »

  • Atlas

    with the world strapped to my back
    i've tried to carry it all

    with the world strapped to my back... more »

  • Awake

    Free from the night air
    I look on high and say a prayer.
    It is time to begin yet another affair.
    I am awake and fully aware... more »

  • Away

    One day I shall leave
    But don't you grieve

    I shall go and meet... more »

  • Bankrupt

    medals and glass
    cherry plums and first class
    tickets to a land that is not
    your own.... more »

  • Based On A Dream...

    Queen to be.
    The “to be” is what gets me.
    That is what you said.
    So you go ahead... more »

  • Be A Fore-Runner

    the space between
    my heart and the stars
    is an unmeasurable face.... more »

  • Be Healed Red Heels

    if all is as is in God's mind?
    or is He putting forth obstacles?
    perhaps He intends us to be blind
    or is it that we are blind and then all crumbles?... more »

  • Before You Go

    Before you go
    I need to know:
    If what we had
    Was all that bad?... more »

  • Better

    Have you ever felt like a song
    Describes your life perfectly?
    The words are just so strong.
    It feels like it is about you specifically.... more »

  • Blossom

    what is it that nourishes the soul?
    each new life that comes with each knoll

    there is our heart that is small at the start... more »

  • Broken


    prayerfully awoken
    a heart that cannot be... more »

  • Cacophony

    We all have desires, wishes
    Things that sometimes keep us running
    If we try to ignore these then we live only
    According to logic. We try to rule out what... more »

  • Calling


    What is it that I am meant to do?
    The only answer I have, is loving You.... more »

  • Camping Sundae

    We come together
    To spend some time in all weather
    Each with different contributes
    Our individual attributes... more »