• Four

    My breath was fast,
    like a panting dog.
    My whole world went
    to fog. All i could see... more »

  • Goodbye

    The day is clear,
    The light is pure,
    When i see him
    my day is ripe.... more »

  • The Children

    The factory noise so loud, the sky so dark,
    the man with the mark.
    He was held with the burden of running a textile factory.
    The children crying with pain their clothes stained of blood.... more »

  • The Man

    He was there! Over there!
    Only she did not see, only
    the man with the scary face.
    She yelled and screamed... more »

  • The Twister

    She was scared
    She was lonely
    The girl was the
    only one left of... more »

  • We

    We were flawless
    We were beautiful
    We were captivating
    We were idols... more »