• As I Layed In Silence

    The night is calm
    theres a chill in the air
    your body heat is just the right tempature to keep
    me from having the chills... more »

  • But I Dont

    The thought of you... more »

  • For Now

    The sun is shining
    and your smile is so bright
    your eyes glisten when the light hits them
    oh those beautiful blue eyes say so much more... more »

  • Get Used To It

    The thought of you leaves an ache inside of me
    your face is all i wanna seee
    your hand is all i wanna hold
    your touch is all i wanna feel... more »

  • Give Up

    A silent tear rolls down your cheek
    as the blade moves slowly across your wrist
    ' but he was my life ' you say
    the comfort you feel as his voice... more »

  • Hate Me Love Yourself

    It was so late
    but my eyes were wide open
    along wiht my heart
    you hurt me so bad... more »

  • Highschools Nothing But Leading On And Blowing Off! !

    She wakes up wiht a smile
    cuz she was dreaming of that guy
    not knowing that she'll find out
    hes nothing but a lie... more »

  • In The Way You Want Her

    Its in the way you want her
    that makes me nuts inside
    cause i know i had you once
    i had you by my side... more »

  • That Night

    I remember it so clearly... more »