• Angel Near

    People weep and people cry
    In the end they all ask why
    Why their dearest had to die
    And why not a soul did cry... more »

  • Blackened Skies

    Rain falls like sheets of glass
    The sky begins to rage
    The thunder comes at last
    God’s dog pounds on his cage... more »

  • Blame

    Time is no stranger to hatred
    As we blame it for the death of our love
    Waste not away in fury so red
    Blame not time or the Dove... more »

  • Dark Angel

    Wings turn black as blood runs free
    She looks to the sky for a chance to see
    For one last glimpse of heaven’s tree
    In the clouds pure as a dove... more »

  • Dark Fire

    Fire, dark and burning bright
    Bright as day, yet, gives no light
    In the shadows of the night
    Take away immortal sight... more »

  • Eternal Sleep

    If I go to sleep one night
    And the day, I do not wake
    Pray that I fall towards the light
    Not the fire for my sake... more »

  • Ghost Of The Past

    The pain comes back, just like before
    I wish again to see death’s door
    It’s fire burning in my heart
    My self tearing me apart... more »

  • Heaven's Tree

    Flowering vines of precious stones
    Bark of pure, deep blue sapphire
    Orb of gold in its branches do show
    His mark on Hell’s dark empire... more »

  • Hidden Hall Of Mirrors

    Silver maze behind the door
    Opens when I hit the floor
    Little girl that’s trapped inside
    Doesn’t know she lives a lie... more »

  • Just Know

    See the past’s darkened hearth
    In the eyes of time’s domain
    See the future before you in birth
    Stand not outside when hell rains... more »

  • Vampiric Desire

    Hear it pulse, can’t help but move
    Toward it’s sound, soft as the moon
    Away from you, your hurt and pain
    I wish I could take it all away... more »